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Sell Gold & Silver At A Houston, TX StoreIf you find yourself wanting to sell old scrap gold, jewelry, coins, or other precious metals in the current challenging economy, head to any of the We Buy Gold Center locations in the Houston TX area. One of many side effects of our downturn in the economy is the fact that gold is valued greater than it ever has been. The tough economy combined with the high price of this precious metal, will make it a problem for the average person to sell his or her gold jewelry without getting scammed. That is why the We Buy Gold Center is here to help you. Our company has valuable gold coupons that let you get up to 25% more cash for your gold.

Houston Professional Gold Buyers

With one main location in Houston, TX, we make it easy to sell your scrap gold, jewelry, and unwanted gold items for top dollar amount!



Houston Gold Buyer

Our professional gold buyers at any one of our Houston locations are honest and will provide you with the best payout amounts if you are wanting to sell gold. Our appraisers know the ins and outs of the business and are here to walk you through every step of the process. Please feel free to ask our gold buyers any questions you may have about selling your jewelry, and they'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your gold items are weighed right in front of you, while you wait, and cash for your jewelry is given on the spot. It is this honest trade practice that has allowed We Buy Gold Center to become one of the best places to sell gold in Houston. We now have one main location in Houston to serve you better.

Sell Silver Jewelry, Scrap Silver, and Silver Ware

For a lot of people, the goal with selling silver, or selling broken jewelry is to get a bit more money in their wallets. Today, the value of silver is rising, which means that you can often make a profit by selling silver while the price is high. You may be wondering what items in your home contain silver. You should first look through your jewelry box! Undoubtedly, there is scrap silver jewelry in there that you never wear or is broken in some way--the silver necklace is missing its clasp, the silver watch doesn't work anymore, the silver bracelet doesn't fit. Once you have collected all your silver items, print off one of our gold or silver coupons, to help you get up to 25% more cash for silver. Your silver will be weighed right in front of you by one of our skilled silver appraisers, and cash for your silver will be given to you on the spot. Why let broken silver jewelry clutter up your jewelry box, or unused silverware crowd up your cabinets, when you could come in to one of our locations, and walk out with cash?

You should also take a look in your attic when searching for scrap silver to sell. Chances are, you'll come across some old silver coins, silver antiques, or silver picture frames which are just taking up valuable space in this area of your home. Free up some of the space and get some extra cash in your wallet by selling silver to the We Buy Gold Center today!

Professional Silver Buyers in Houston

Silver Buyer Houston

Our silver buyers are professional and dedicated to their work. They will walk you through the entire silver selling process to make sure you are confident in your decision every step of the way. At the end of the silver examination, you will be provided with an instant payout amount. How's that for easy money?

We are unlike pawn shops and flea markets because we gladly accept broken silver jewelry pieces. It doesn't matter what condition your scrap silver is in; bring it to us for an appraisal and some instant cash!

Sell Gold Jewelry

Get some extra cash in your wallet by selling:

Sell Silver Jewelry

We offer top payout amounts for:

Our gold buyers are specially-trained in examining items with gold. We will thoroughly look over the scrap gold you bring into us and we'll offer you an instant payout that is guaranteed to make your wallet happy!

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